About Glenn

Glenn is a Car Enthusiast with a Serious Car Collection

Glenn D.

Glenn had a love for cars since he was young. He became a young driving champ who liked to do autocross and attend hi-speed driving events during the weekends. Now as a family man, Glenn spends his time with his family but his love for cars did not diminish.

Glenn now owns a collection of rare and special automobiles and he’s active in the motor community in the Northeast. Glenn has created his own media channel to showcase his love and knowledge of his cars and other cars from like-minded car enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the daily ins-and-outs of Glenn’s car collection as well as other cars he encounters on the way.

Warren is the webmaster for Glenn’s Car Collection. He is also an car enthusiast and owner of serious German sport cars. His dream car growing up was the Porsche 928 (as seen in Tom Cruise’s classic movie “Risky Business“). While not driving cars or working on his websites, Warren is spending time with his wife and 2 kids in North New Jersey.

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