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Why I have a Special Place in My Heart for BMW M Cars

Let me be upfront and say that I love BMW M cars. I had many versions of the BMW M3 and looking to find a replacement for my lost E46 M3 (lost it on the track). When I was young I always lusted after the BMW M series of that moment but obviously couldn’t afford them. But over the years as I built my salary, I was fortunate to purchase a few BMW M cars in my lifetime.

Glenn currently has the the BMW M2, BMW 1M and the BMW Z Coupe M in his stable and has been able to make some some great videos documenting what its like to live with them, drive them, etc. I hope his insights into ownership will help future owners decide on what BMW M car will be good for them.

With that said I am worried about the future of the BMW M division. The movement that BMW and most performance cars are taking leaves me to pause a bit. To meet stricter emission standards, all of BMW cars are now turbo-charged and with technology being more and more evasive, the cars are becoming more complex and heavier then their processors. Which was the antithesis of an BMW. It was all about the driver and BMW on the road. Handling dynamics, perfect balance, spirited engines matched to a heavenly chassis. Now its all about horsepower, electronics and fuel emissions. A car like the BMW Z Coupe M can never be made again. In fact of all the current BMW M cars, the BMW M2 represents the past more then the other M car sold today. Even compared to cars like the BMW M3/M4 – which are very powerful but less involving and much bigger and heavier then I would like.

Let’s hope that with the BMW M2 and the fan appreciating it has brought tot he brand will allow BMW to bring more cars like it, as it moves forward to the future. This video from Chris Harris says it all about the BMW M2:

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