Hagerty Says Buy a E46 M3 Right Now

Hagerty Just Said It: Buy an E46 BMW M3 Now

Hagerty Makes the BMW E46 M3 Top Classic To Buy in 2017

Every year Hagerty comes out with a list of the Top 10 cars it sees as future classics. For 2017 it put the BMW E46 M3 as number #1 on that list. Hagerty is a classic car evaluation and insurance company. Their list is a guidance on what future cars they see as ready for investment and strong future growth in value.

This is what they wrote on the E46 M3:

2000-2006 BMW M3 ($20,000) – BMW’s earlier M cars have been blazing hot over the past three years and newer offerings are still much more expensive, which makes the E46 M3 coupe particularly attractive.

As mentioned before in a previous article, there is much debate in the BMW M3 world on the values of the E46 M3 and how we may have seen the bottom in their prices. And due to the rapid depreciation of the E92 M3 (successor to the E46 M3 models), the price delta is becoming very close. In the sense that for the price of a later year E46 M3 model (2005-2006), you can purchase a similar mileage early year E92 M3 model.

We think very highly of the E46 M3 chassis and would add our opinion that only certain E46 M3 models will really appreciate over time. These are the later year models (2004-2006), with a 6-speed manual with low mileage. Also to put in consideration are cars with the following options: Competition Package (ZCP) – these are really really rare, cars with the sunroof delete – also known as a ‘slicktop’, cloth-fabric sport seats, and coupes only.

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